Storage Tips

Leave frequently needed items near the front

You aren’t going to need items such as cabinets and tables frequently. Books, holiday items, treasures like these are far more likely to be needed more frequently so pack them near the front of the door.

Pack vertical

Maximize your space by going vertical. Stack items above and below tables and furniture, whenever possible be sure to use that vertical space.

Mark boxes on all sides

Too often people will label a box and then pack it away often times stacking it in a way the label is hidden. Mark the contents of each box on every side so no matter where or how you pack it, if you can see it you can see what’s inside.

Leave a walkway

Leave a walkway I know it seems like a waste of space but there may be a time where you need to get that one item and it happens to be near the back. Rather than having to take everyting out, if you leave a small walkway you’ll be able to access it more easily.

Create an inventory list

This is a time saver, wondering if that specific item is in your garage, closet, or if it made it’s way to storage could have you searching room by room. If you create an inventory list however you’ll know exactly what you have in storage so there’s no wondering.

Beds and Mattresses

If you store your mattresses be sure to store them standing tall making use of that vertical space. Prop them up along the side pinning them to help prevent sagging.

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